Don’t Start the New Year With Shoulder Pain: We Can Help

Approximately 67% of Americans develop shoulder pain at some point. That’s because the highly mobile nature of the shoulder joint leaves it vulnerable to injury. But, even though shoulder pain is common, we also have good news.

We can treat most types of shoulder pain with conservative or minimally invasive therapies, so you can find relief from your discomfort and restore joint function without the need for surgery.

Our talented team at Valley Pain Centers relies on safe, minimally invasive, and effective procedures to treat people with even the most complex and disabling pain conditions. Don’t start the new year with shoulder pain. Our integrated interventional procedures and regenerative therapies can provide effective, long-term relief.

Treating pain at the source

Our team understands that pain is only a symptom — it isn’t a condition itself. For example, common causes of shoulder pain include:

So, to determine the best treatment strategy, we have to identify the underlying cause of your symptoms.

Reaching a diagnosis

When it comes to shoulder pain, we can often diagnose the source of your discomfort by performing a physical evaluation. Depending on your assessment, we may recommend additional diagnostic imaging. 

Finding relief for shoulder pain

Based on your diagnosis, we may recommend a specific therapy or a combination of therapies to ensure the best results. Sometimes, the best approach for shoulder pain involves rest, a sling or shoulder immobilizer, or physical therapy.

At other times, your shoulder condition may benefit from manipulation under anesthesia, interventional injections, or regenerative therapies, such as platelet-rich plasma therapy or stem cell therapy.

Manipulation under anesthesia

With manipulation under anesthesia, we administer a sedative to keep you comfortable and relaxed. Then we perform noninvasive shoulder stretches and maneuvers designed to restore your range of motion.

Interventional injections

Interventional injections involve delivering medications or treatments directly to the source of your pain. There are several types of interventional injections that offer different benefits, including the following:

Platelet-rich plasma therapy

With platelet-rich plasma therapy, we harvest platelets from your blood and then inject them into areas that need healing. Platelets contain powerful growth factors, which can speed healing and boost tissue regeneration. This therapy is highly effective at treating soft tissue damage, especially ligament and tendon injuries.

Stem cell therapy

For stem cell therapy, we use amnion injections. This tissue comes from healthy, donated, and prescreened amniotic tissue, which contains highly beneficial growth factors. These injections can help repair damaged cells and reduce inflammation.

At Valley Pain Centers, with three convenient Arizona locations in Phoenix, Peoria, and Scottsdale, you are never a number. Your consultation, examination, and treatment are always administered by a highly qualified physician. When it comes to managing shoulder pain, we have experienced physicians who can help you, including Toure Knighton, MD, Jin Yuk, MD and Patricia Henthorn, DC, DAAMUAP. To learn more, book an appointment online or over the phone today. 

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