Treat your pain with Regenerative Medicine

Non-Invasive Techniques of Regenerative Medicine

There is a great deal of change happening in modern medicine, and Regenerative Medicine is one of the areas that are quickly changing.  We no longer have to offer steroid injections and narcotic medication as the only modality available to combat pain stemming from tissue degeneration.  One of the newest and fastest growing treatment modalities now available involves the use of Stem Cells and pathways through which we can stimulate the patient’s own nervous system.  Consequently, specific signaling agents can be stimulated that can initiate the release of healing factors which in turn eliminate pain and return the patient to full functionality.

The DyAnsys ANSiStim device is one such tool which we can use to help our patients achieve better results than with injection therapy alone.  The ANSiStim device is a wearable electro stimulation therapy device which stimulates specific brain, cranial, and auricular nerves in order to release specific neurochemical and physiologic factors which have anti-inflammatory properties and promote the activation of endorphins and the body’s own repair mechanisms.

regenerative medicine

Incidentally, the Journal of Stem Cells recently published a study in March 2016 indicating that electro-stimulation triggers the release of Mesenchymal Stem Cells into the blood stream. These cells found mainly in the bone marrow can turn into various tissue types in the body allowing for very effective and permanent healing of damaged tissue.  Furthermore, this therapeutic modality stimulates the Hypothalamus in the mid brain region, which controls the body’s autonomic nervous system.  This system is responsible for the involuntary and reflexive signaling of neurotransmitters (chemical signaling proteins and enzymes) which regulate many bodily functions which when misaligned can cause chronic painful conditions that can manifest as migraines, craniofacial pain, and neuropathic pain amongst others.  

At Valley Pain Centers we can offer these types of non-chemical (or narcotic based) therapeutic treatments to many of our patients.  Ask your doctor if you would be a candidate for Electrostimulation or Regenerative Therapy.  Let’s see if we can help you achieve pain relief and a return to a level of functional improvement that can really enhance your life!  

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Thomas Moshiri MD Dr. Thomas Moshiri is a leading anesthesiologist treating patients throughout the Valley of the Sun. Dr. Moshiri is originally from the east coast. He is currently double board certified in Anesthesiology and Interventional Pain Management. Dr. Moshiri has authored two books in the fields of Anesthesiology and Pain Management and devotes some of his time in teaching residents and fellows across the country.

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