What Treatments Can Help with My Knee Pain?

Our knees help us do lots of things, including walk, sit, kneel, and lift. Unfortunately, if they hurt, our normal way of life can come to a grinding halt. The good news is you don’t have to live with knee pain.

At Valley Pain Centers, our providers have extensive experience assessing and treating knee pain. Our advanced approach and cutting-edge treatments can help you get long-term pain relief.

The right diagnosis

The key to finding effective treatment for knee pain lies in accurately diagnosing what’s to blame. That’s because knee pain can develop for several reasons, including:  

Our providers start the treatment process by reviewing your symptoms and physically examining your knee to evaluate which movements trigger discomfort. Depending on these findings, we could perform additional diagnostic testing.

Knee pain treatments

Our team offers a variety of treatments for knee pain. And, depending on what’s causing your symptoms, we could suggest a combination of therapies.

Physical therapy

Physical therapy focuses on strengthening the muscles supporting the knee to increase stability and improve function. These exercises are specially tailored to you and your condition, and they can prevent knee problems from worsening. They can also help you avoid injury — or reinjury — in the future.


Valley Pain Centers relies on several kinds of injection therapy. They all involve therapeutic solutions delivered to the joint. However, they each work in different ways. Here are some examples:

We also offer regenerative medicine injections, such as platelet-rich plasma therapy, stem cell therapy, and bone marrow concentrate. These therapies use concentrated growth factors from the body to regenerate new cells in the area, resulting in healthy new tissue.

RFA (radiofrequency ablation)

During this treatment, we use heated probes to target and destroy the nerves in your knee that are sending pain signals to your brain. And, because it eliminates the nerve pathway, it often provides more long-lasting, permanent solutions for knee pain.

MUA (manipulation under anesthesia)

This knee pain treatment involves a series of stretching, traction, and mobilization procedures while you rest comfortably under light anesthesia. MUA enables us to break up fibrous areas and scar tissue around your knee to improve your range of motion and relieve pain.

At Valley Pain Centers, with three convenient Arizona locations in Phoenix, Peoria, and Scottsdale, you are never a number. Your consultation, examination, and treatment are always administered by a highly qualified physician. If you would like to schedule a knee pain consultation, we have experienced physicians who can help you, including Toure Knighton, MD, Jin Yuk, MD, and Patricia Henthorn, DC, DAAMUAP. To learn more, book an appointment online or over the phone today.

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