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At Valley Pain Centers, our board-certified doctors understand how burdensome pain can be on your relationships. Our physicians believe a treatment plan that integrates site-specific interventional procedures, as well as innovative therapies, is the most effective method to obtain long-term pain relief. Our doctors change the lives of those suffering with all types of pain, including back pain, knee pain, neck pain, sciatica, shoulder pain and much more at our three locations in Phoenix, Scottsdale and Peoria, Arizona. See a few of our service offerings below.

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Our award-winning team provides comprehensive back-pain care for acute and chronic conditions. Click here to learn more about how we provide back pain relief.

"Experienced horrible pain with a ruptured disc. Three epidurals later my back has little to no pain. Dr Chinthagada Is a wonderful and caring Doctor. Nothing but the highest praise for Valley Pain Centers and Dr. Chinthagada." -Robert G.




Our doctors at Valley Pain Centers are also skilled in assessing knee pain and providing the most appropriate and most effective treatments for long-term pain relief. Click here to learn more about how we provide knee pain relief.

"I have been suffering from pain in my left knee due to multiple surgeries. I decided to visit Dr Toure Knighton at Valley Pain for treatment and could not be happier. My knee has not felt this good in a very long time. I have full range of motion again and couldn't be happier. If you are looking for a treatment plan that works I would highly recommend you visit Valley Pain." -Luke D.


Neck Pain treatments can be performed using minimally-invasive approaches without the need for more aggressive surgery. Click here to learn more about how we provide neck pain relief.

"I had my second visit and first procedure today, an epidural in my neck with the intent to get some relief for a degenerative disk. I was really impressed with Dr. Knighton's demeanor. He seems very thoughtful and patient. In my consult, he went over their intervention and the options and just gave it to me straight. The staff are very effective and seem to really gel as a team. I needed a little extra time to get moving after my procedure, and they were caring and helpful. My final note is that this isn't a painkiller dispensary. Not that I was looking for this, but that was always my assumption when I heard "pain clinic". Well, that's pain management. This practice is about intervention and regeneration." -Andy C.



At Valley Pain Centers, our doctors provide patients with the most advanced treatment techniques based on the underlying cause of painful symptoms in order to ensure sciatica pain management. Click here to learn more about how we provide sciatica relief.

"Dr. Kush and all of the staff that helped me are amazing. I have been suffering with sciatic nerve pain for years and I had a very intense flair up while staying in an RV Resort (75 miles away from Phoenix) for the winter. I was able to get an appointment 2 days after I called. After explaining my situation to Dr Kush, he sprang into action. All within 24 hours - He gave me a treatment, arranged for an immediate MRI, requested test results be rushed to him, he called me and explained the test results, and we discussed my future treatment plan. This is the first time in 10 years that I feel like I will have control over this pain. Thank you Dr Kush and all personnel at Valley Pain Centers." -Vicki E.



Our board-certified physicians help patients overcome shoulder pain by using state-of-the-art techniques to treat the underlying cause of symptoms. Click here to learn more about how we provide shoulder pain relief.

“I would recommend Valley Pain Centers and Dr. Knighton! My right shoulder was killing me and after 2 shoulder injections, it is back to normal. Great care and follow up by the staff as well.” -Dana C.



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